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Unofficial Final Statistics
Reid 27 20 2 5 2 0 0 0.741 0.794
Whitehead 7 4 1 0 1 0 0 0.571 0.625
Howard 28 15 4 10 4 0 0 0.536 0.690
Keane 43 22 9 6 0 0 0 0.512 0.571
Weinstein 17 7 4 4 0 0 0 0.412 0.524
Anderson 36 14 7 13 0 0 3 0.389 0.551
Ayewoh 26 9 9 5 1 0 0 0.346 0.469
Mitro 35 10 13 11 2 0 0 0.286 0.479
Wright 46 12 12 2 1 0 0 0.261 0.306
Steiner 31 5 18 10 1 1 0 0.161 0.395
Molnar 25 4 7 9 0 0 0 0.160 0.382
Pang 20 2 12 3 0 0 0 0.100 0.217
Robbins 38 3 23 6 0 0 0 0.079 0.205
Brakey 21 1 13 11 0 0 0 0.048 0.375
Vitkus 6 0 5 0 0 0 0 0.000 0.000
TOTAL 406 128 139 95 12 1 3 0.315 0.459
AB=at bats; H=hits; SO=strikeouts; W=walks; HBP=hit by pitch; CI=catcher's interference; SAC=sacrifice bunts; AVG=average; OBP=on-base percentage.

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The Season is Over--The Rockies are Champs!

Let the coach know when you have scheduling conflicts that will cause you to miss practices or games as much in advance as possible. This will be most important during the season when we may be able to call players up from the majors if we know in advance that players are going to miss a game. Thanks.

Chris Malumphy (Carolyn Steiner)
Home: 283-4048
Work: 357-7080

Since I don't have access to my personal email from work, please phone in last minute changes.

Final Standings


Colorado Rockies Game Recaps

SaturdayJune 5Byron IcompletedPirates*Won 8-2. Great pitching and catching, good fielding, heads up baserunning, everyone made contact. A good start. Highlights included a clutch single by Sam, six solid innings behind the plate by Matt. Great pitching by Robin (7 strikeouts, no hits) and Michael. Good fielding all the way around.
SaturdayJune 12Byron IRained OutRangersRained out. Rescheduled for July 11
SundayJune 13Mercer IcompletedAthletics*Lost 10-4. A tough second inning in which the A's scored six runs toppled the Rockies. Highlights included a great running catch in RF by Gabe off the bat of an A's slugger, a hard single by Ebo, a fine play at short by Michael and solid relief work by Robin. On the downside, two baserunning errors took the Rockies out of big innings, and the failure of the infield to get the ball back into the pitcher after getting the relay throw gave the A's extra bases and prolonged their rally. Other than the second inning, the Rockies played the A's even. No excuses, but we could have remained in the game with some heads up play.
SaturdayJune 19Mercer IcompletedYankees*Lost 12-2. With Sam, Noah, Gabe, Ebo and Connor all unavailable, the outlook was not good. But the Rockies took a 2-0 lead into the bottom of the 3rd before imploding. Talonzo Reid, a new roster addition, blasted a long double and stole several bases in his debut with the Rockies. Stephen Brakey had the first RBI. Michael Mitro came on in relief in the third and closed the door on the Yankees. Major league call-up Ian Vitkus did a fine job in right and behind the plate. Aaron Robbins and Robin Steiner made nice catches in the outfield and John Molnar played some heads up ball. Nick Wright made contact each time up. The Rockies look forward to the return of Ebo, Sam and Gabe for Monday's game.
MondayJune 21Mercer IcompletedIndians*Lost 14-4. The Rockies took another pounding, this time from the Indians, but Sam Keane returned from vacation and pitched 2 excellent innings in relief. Talonzo Reid had another big day with the bat and on the bases. But the best play of all was made by diminutive Gabe Weinstein while making his first appearance behind the plate this season. With Jackson Merriman (a player at least twice Gabe's size) on third, a shot was hit to an infielder who threw to first. Jackson took off for the plate full throttle. With the batter out at first, first baseman Aaron Robbins made a perfect throw to the plate. But Jackson's picture-perfect slide threw Gabe high into the air. Miraculously he hung onto the ball for an inning ending double play that thrilled the fans. Even the Indians congratulated Gabe on the fine play just as the Rockies' fans showed appreciation for the great slide by Jackson. It was Senior League baseball at its finest.
SaturdayJune 26Byron IcompletedCubsWon 6-4. Sam Keane pitched 4 solid innings in relief to get the win, striking out 11 including 4 in one inning. Ebo Ayewoh had a big rbi single and was intentionally walked. Fine plays by John Molnar in left and Robin Steiner at short robbed the Indians of potential hits. Newest player Kerry Howard reached base three times. Nick Wright pounded a double to left center. Gabe Weinstein went all the way behind the plate. Major league call-up Ian Vitkus provided solid play in right and was ready to provide support behind the plate since both primary catchers were unavailable.
SundayJune 27Mercer IcompletedAngelsLost 17-5. Aaron Robbins set the Angels down 1-2-3 in the first, but a brutal second inning negated some good baserunning by Kerry Howard and Sam Keane, some fine catching by major league call up Ian Vitkus, and 3 innings of stellar relief pitching by Gabe Weinstein.
MondayJune 28Mercer II5:50 pm for a 6:20 p.m. gameAngels*Rained Out. Rescheduled to July 20.
WednesdayJuly 7Mercer IIcompletedYankeesLost 8-3. A rain delayed game that could just as easily have been a Rockies victory. The Yankees picked runners off 2nd and 3rd, once with the bases loaded, and threw another runner out at home by 10 feet as the Rockies ran themselves out of the game and wasted some decent pitching by Sam Keane and Robin Steiner.
SaturdayJuly 10Mercer IcompletedAthleticsWon 6-5. Strong pitching by Sam Keane and Mike Mitro helped the Rockies pull ahead of the A's in the standings.
SundayJuly 11Mercer IcompletedRangersWon 7-4. Robin Steiner and Talonzo Reid combined for a pitching gem. Matt Anderson drove in 2 with a big hit to left.
MondayJuly 12Byron IcompletedPiratesWon 9-5. After two quick outs in the bottom of the 4th inning, the bottom half of the Rockies lineup erupted for 4 runs to pave the way to victory evening the Rockies record at 5-5 after a disastrous 2-5 start. With two out and none on Aaron Robbins and Robin Steiner walked and Aaron stole 2 bases and Robin 1. Gabe Weinstein drove in two with a hard single up the middle. Then Nick Wright and Conor Pang both followed with hard hits for big bases. Mike Mitro started on the mound and allowed a Homer and Triple to #3 Pirates batter Holmes, but otherwise pitched well. Sam Keane threw 2 innings of solid relief and Gabe Weinstein came in a shut the door with a shutout sixth inning. It was the first ever come from behind victory for the Rockies who trailed 2-0, went ahead 3-2, and fell behind 4-3, before coming back for the victory. Matt Anderson and Talonzo Reid also had big hits. Gabe Weinstein was 2-2. Kerry Howard made a fine play at 3rd shooting in front of the shortstop to make a quick play. Ebo Ayewoh made a nice catch of a high pop at first.
WednesdayJuly 14Byron IcompleteRangers*Won 8-2. A twenty minute rain delay at the start of the game (including a wait for the Rangers to arrive in full force) couldn't stop the Rockies juggernaut from winning their fourth game in a row. The game began as tough pitching duel with the score tied 1-1 heading into the top of the fourth. The Rockies broke lose sending all 13 of their batters to the plate in a six running inning. Big hits by Nick Wright and Matt Anderson led the highlights. Robin Steiner got the win, and scored the go ahead run after reaching first on a catchers interference. Kerry Howard pitched two innings and Sam Keane pitched another in relief. Gabe Weinstein, playing in his last game, ended the game with a fine throw from shortstop--the first time he played that position all year. Stephen Brakey returned to action after missing 3 games due to illness. Conor Pang played solid ball once again in his last appearance with the team. Mike Mitro, Aaron Robbins, Talonzo Reid and Ebu Ayewoh played their usual steady games. John Molnar continued to show improved readiness and range in the field and was prepared to be the next man in relief.
SaturdayJuly 17Byron IcompletedIndiansWon 11-10. Michael Mitro was the winning pitcher (3 innings, 2 runs allowed) shutting the door against the vaunted Indians lineup. Talonzo Reid had a bases loaded triple in the second. Key defensive plays by Sam Keane at shortstop, one throwing out a batter on a hard smash in the hole and another gunning down a runner at the plate on a decisive throw from left center after taking a relay from Talonzo Reid with Matt Anderson applying the tag. Aaron Robbins got a leadoff hit in the second and stole a key base that shook up the Indians pitcher. Nick Wright had his first walk of the season to extend a rally. Robin Steiner started a 3 run rally with a walk from the 10th position in the order. John Molnar smacked the ball harder than ever, unfortunately the pitcher snared the line drive. Ebo Ayewoh reached base all three at bats. Kerry Howard did even better with 2 hits and 2 walks and scored the winning run. Talonzo had two triples. Michael Mitro won his own game by drawing THE game winning walk. The lead changed hands too many times to count.

Indians    1    4    3    0    1    1    10
Rockies    3    3    0    3    1    1    11

MondayJuly 19Byron IcompletedCubs*Lost 9-5. With a key player MIA, the Rockies were forced to play with 8 players. They fell behind quickly in the bottom of the first but had evened the score heading into the bottom of the 5th when they self destructed on defense. The Rockies got their come uppance after joking that the Cubs starting pitcher was too slow. All he did was mow down the top half of the order with good control. This was not a game the Rockies, or their fans (who argued with the umpire), should be proud of. Let's hope the sportsmanship improves soon, before it is too late.
TuesdayJuly 20Byron IcompletedAngels*Won 12-5 behind the fine pitching of Michael Mitro and Kerry Howard. Iron-man Matt Anderson spent 6 full innings behind the plate and continued to use his speed wisely on the bases. Nick Wright had a bases loaded 3 run double in the first. Kerry Howard was robbed on two line shots but hit a big triple in the 5th. Mike Mitro reached base 3 times on 2 hit by the pitch and a walk. Ebo Ayewoh had hard hits in the first and third innings. Aaron Robbins had a big catch in left. Sam Keane played another great game at short and John Molnar drew 2 big walks and was robbed yet again on a hit to shortstop.
Playoff Game 1
July 24Mercer IIcompletedRangersWon 6-5. Sam Keane's two-strike single in the bottom of the sixth drove in Kerry Howard and Talonzo Reid for the come from behind victory. The Rockies jumped out to an early 4-0 lead behind the pitching and hitting of Robin Steiner who had a big double in the third. Keane was 3 for 3 on the day and Kerry Howard was 2 for 2 with a walk. Talonzo Reid had a big RBI double in the first and was hit by the pitch and scored the winning run in the sixth, even though the umpire thought he missed third base. Talonzo went back and tagged third and home a second time, but the umpire later said he didn't even see that. Fortunately, the Rangers did not challenge the play. Ebo Ayewoh had his biggest smash of the year, but the Ranger's centerfielder made a fine catch. Stephen Brakey drew a big walk in the third, moved to third on Steiner's double and scored on a hit by Keane who had a remarkable 5 RBI's for the day. Matt Anderson had a big day behind the plate gunning down an important runner at third with a throw that went straight to Kerry Howard's glove that was held right in front of the bag where the runner was sliding. Anderson also put the tying run in scoring position in the sixth with a picture perfect sacrifice bunt. Conor Pang returned from Toronto and hit the ball hard in the fourth. Aaron Robbins and Nick Wright alternated at first for most of the game and gave the team the strong defense that it has become known for. Michael Mitro played left and third with his usual flare. Sam Keane was the winning pitcher, although Robin actually pitched a little better. Sam's arm seemed tired, perhaps because he spent the day before at Cedar Point, but he got by on his guts and guile. The Rangers tied the score in the fifth and went ahead in the top of the sixth before Keane's game winning hit.
Playoff Game 2
July 25Mercer IcompletedPiratesWon 5-2. The Rockies fell behind 1-0 in the first and 2 zip at the end of two despite the fine pitching of Michael Mitro. Stephen Brakey got things going with a lead-off walk in the first. Kerry Howard hit a double that put runners on 2nd and 3rd. Then Stephen scored on a throw that went out of play and Kerry followed by beating the Pirates to the plate on a passed ball. Mitro held the Pirates in check in the 3rd and 4th innings giving way to Kerry Howard who pitched shutout ball in the 5th and 6th to get the win after the Rockies blew the game open with 3 runs in the top of the 6th. Kerry started it off with a double and stole third. But when Matt Anderson walked on a wild pitch, Kerry was caught out trying to score. Talonzo Reid followed with a big double and Sam Keane walked to load the bases. Ebo Ayewoh's hit was too hot to handle and a run scored. Michael Mitro and Nick Wright both walked knocking in additional runs. The bottom of the sixth featured a fine catch by Talonzo on a long fly ball of the bat of the Pirates' best slugger.
Playoff Game 3
July 28Mercer IcompletedIndiansWon 7-6. The Rockies jumped off to a 2-0 lead in the top of the first when Kerry Howard reached first on a hit by the pitch followed by a single by Matt Anderson, with each runner advancing on a stolen base. Same Keane knocked in Kerry on a ground out and Ebo Ayewoh knocked in Matt with another ground out. The Indians scored 1 in the bottom of the first and tied the game at 2-2 in the bottom of the third. The Rockies jumped back out in front by scoring 2 more in the top of the fourth. Matt Anderson led off with a single and stole two bases. Ebo Ayewoh was hit by the pitch and stole second. Then Michael Mitro had a single that knocked them in. The Indians narrowed the score to 4-3 in the bottom of the 4th but the Rockies scored 3 in the top of the fifth. Aaron Robbins led off with a walk and stole second. Stephen Brakey got his first hit of the year, but Aaron was thrown out trying to score. Robin Steiner drew a walk and Talonzo Reid, batting 11th after arriving late, knocked in two with a big double. Kerry was hit by the pitch yet again and Matt Anderson, who was 3 for 3, knocked in Talonzo with a single to left. Sam Keane took the mound in the fifth and shutdown the Indians 1-2-3 on a strikeout, a fine play by Kerry Howard at short on a ground ball and a diving catch of a line drive down the third base line by Robin Steiner in a play the coach had only seen before in his dreams. In the sixth, things did not go so smoothly for the Rockies as the Indians scored 3 runs, but Sam struck out the Indians #5 batter and two fine fielding plays on ground balls cemented the victory for the Rockies. Robin Steiner who pitched the first four innings was the winning pitcher, striking out six. Stephan Brakey made a nice stab of a hard one bouncer in right field to hold a big Indians batter to a single. First basemen Aaron Robbins recorded three putouts in the third, including one hard shot that he handled alone. Conor Pang hit two balls hard but was robbed both times by a steady fielding Indians second baseman. Nick Wright played well at first and in left and hit a big sacrifice fly to center that had the potential of scoring Michael Mitro from second base. Mitro also made a big catch in left field.
Playoff Game 4
August 1Mercer IcompletedIndiansWon 8-7. Trailing 7-0 the Rockies come back to win the championship, bringing an end to a wonderful season. It looked like the Indians were going to lay a whomping on the Rockies yet again when they scored two in the first, four in the third and another in the fifth to jump out to a 7-0 lead. It wasn't just the Indians offense that had the Rockies reeling. Although Kerry Howard led off the bottom of the first by being hit by the pitch, the first 10 Rockies that went to the plate accounted for ten outs. After Kerry reached first, he stole second and third, but was gunned down at the plate on a 1-3-2 double play. The Indians' starting pitcher (Robert) was masterful, getting the Rockies 1-2-3 in the second AND the third inning and getting the first batter out in the fourth. Then Kerry Howard started a five-run rally with a single (and two more stolen bases) that would bring the Rockies back into the game. Matt Anderson followed with a walk, Talonzo Reid doubled and stoled third, Sam Keane singled and stole two bases. Ebo Ayewoh knocked in another run with a single and stole a base. Michael Mitro walked and Noah Whitehead (returning from camp at just the right time to give Matt a little relief behind the plate) doubled to drive in the fifth run of the inning before an Indians' reliever could strike out the final two Rockies of the inning. Talonzo Reid shut out the Indians in the fifth with the help of Kerry Howard's running and leaping catch of a two-out drive that was headed for the gap with a runner in scoring position off the bat of the Indian's lead off batter. In the bottom of the fifth, Kerry started the go ahead rally with a one-out single and promptly stole yet another base. Matt Anderson singled and Talonzo Reid was intentionally walked. That left things up to RBI king Sam Keane who once again came through in the clutch with a big hit that drove in two. Ebo Ayewoh hit the ball hard yet again knocking in Talonzo. Talonzo retired the Indians' second, third and fourth batters 1-2-3 in the sixth to get the win allowing only 1 run in his three innings pitched. Micheal Mitro started for the Rockies and although he had some shaky moments, he never gave in and kept the Rockies in the game. Conor Pang had a hard line drive speared by the Indians' shortstop to rob him of a hit. Robin Steiner made a good grab at third and tagged an elusive runner for a big out. Stephen Brakey played his usual tight defense in right field. Following the award ceremonies, the celebrations began in earnest at Ben & Jerry's (the guys are champion ice cream eaters too) and continued throughout the evening. The Rockies, their families and their friends came together and displayed tremendous spirit throughout the season. The team started at 2-5 but never game up. Including the playoffs, the team finished with a 12-6 record, winning 10 of their last 11 games. The coach never had a better summer and will cherish the ball the team signed for him forever. He offers a big thanks for the gift certificates and will certainly enjoy an evening away from the diamond eating sushi and heading to the cinema. GO ROCKIES.
* indicates opponent is home team.


PARENTS: the team currently lacks assistant coaches. Please let me know if you are willing to assist. Offering to assist requires no commitment to be there every game or practice. I am more than happy to accept assistance whenever you are available. You can assist the Rockies to become the fun-loving champions we know they can be. THANKS.
Senior League Rules.
Shaker Youth Baseball League Home Page.
Tips on Hitting: from The Science of Hitting by Ted Williams. Ted Williams is considered by many to be the greatest hitter of all time. He played for the Boston Red Sox from 1939 to 1960. He is the last major leaguer to hit over .400 in a season. When Joe DiMaggio had his 56 game hitting streak in 1941, Ted Williams beat him in batting average by 49 pts (Williams .406, DiMaggio .357). Williams led the American League in batting six times, including in 1957 when he hit .388 when he was 39 years old. He won the batting title again in 1958 when he was 40. Williams hit a home run in his last at bat in 1960 at the age of 42, finishing that year with 29 homers and a .316 average. His career totals are 521 home runs (which was second only to Babe Ruth when he retired), 2,018 walks (again second to Ruth when he retired), 1,839 rbi's, a lifetime average of .344 and a slugging percentage of .634. Williams missed five of the prime years of his career due to war. He was a fighter pilot in both World War II and the Korean War. Had it not been for those wars, he may have been the first to break Ruth's career home run record. His advise on hitting is well worth considering.

Winning the Rockies' Way

Winning baseball relies on:

Everyone has a role:


Success begins with the catcher. Catcher's are the captains on the field.

The catcher's primary job is to make sure that the pitcher remains focused on getting the ball over the plate. Set up quickly and give the pitcher a good target, usually low and on the outside half of the plate. When a pitcher is going good, don't do anything that will get him out of his rhythm. When a pitcher is distracted, (by a bad pitch, a bad play, an annoying base runner), get him refocused on getting the ball over and the batter out. As a catcher, keeping the pitcher focused is the biggest contribution you can make.

The catcher should also:



First basemen

The first baseman has a few additional responsibilities:



Base Running


Everyone is a leader and everyone is responsible for how much fun we have and whether we win or lose!

Have Fun

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