Greene talks to 2 parents of 10 years old in special education school -- models ALSUP

Watchfirst 15 minutes (to give a flavor about how he reviews ASLUP) -- skip to 28 for difficulty getting to school on time -- NOTE how he questions to get them to be as specific as possible -- and how to frame the unsolved problems that he will then invite the child to speak. (at minute 38 ) -- they've covered only a third of the lagging skills. As we go along the process often speeds up as we cover later lagging skills because we've already uncovered the unsolved problem

EXAMPLE of Simple Plan B in 6 minutes with teacher and student

Drilling for Information with student and AP in 7 minutes

EXAMPLE of Plan B Errors:

Mom & Teacher talk about helping child with ADHD

minute 4 -- teacher talks about moving her "line" -- they are struggling for a reason and its my job to help them solve their problems. It's exciting to talk to a kid in a way that is so respectful and not punitive. When you show kids even a little bit of empathy, they just open up and trust you. I wish everyone -- parents and kids -- would know how easy it is.

I'm in my 2nd year of using this model with ALL kids -- I don't know how I can get others to realize how powerful this is.